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Competitive games and the growing eSports industry have captured the attention of the gaming world in recent years, with countless studios trying to revive the glory days of the PC - based titles like Mortal Kombat and Halo. As esports become more popular, we have seen more and more developers try to capitalize on the culture and community of competitive gaming. [Sources: 0, 2]

The brands have recognized the potential of developing the eSports market and have already made significant investments in eSports marketing. Because consumers spend so much time on sport, this means brands have to meet consumers where they are by introducing eSports marketing. [Sources: 8]

The importance of a relaxed community around a game is so important that you don't want it to become an esports game. Every game played at competitive level can be considered an esports game, but unlike traditional sports, it should be a spectacle for fans. Successful eSports must include high-quality content, competitive gameplay, viewer technology and a high level of community. [Sources: 0, 2, 13]

The best esports communities are those that produce many people who share a passion for competitive games. This makes it easy for fans to attend their favourite events and engage with their favourite athletes. Video game esports is and always has been more than just competitive gameplay and quality content. It is about everyone coming together in a common space to develop a love of playing. At least for now esports is not behaving as the sport might be, but it is. [Sources: 0, 1, 8, 14]

Generally speaking, the mobile play area is associated with a softer type of gamers and invites to a more casual atmosphere. Kim sees this as a way to invite more people to compete, to self-organize, to watch sports, and even just to talk about sports. I see Legacy Wars as an example of a game that can pave the way for aspirations to be made available to a wider range of people than ever before. He sees the potential for mobile espionage and uses Legacy of Wars to expand it, but sees it as only the first step in the right direction. [Sources: 9, 11]

The mobile eSports industry is ripe for uptake right now, and developers who are considering dipping into eSports should consider building on mobile first. The mobile sports industry is ripe for acquisitions, so developers considered divers in eSports should consider building not only on mobile first, but also on other platforms. [Sources: 2]

As an eSports Insider, please first tell us about your background in film production, gaming and eSports. Esports and competitive gaming have become an industry estimated by some analysts to be worth $1 billion. In fact, eSports has gone from a fantasy word for video games to a field that recognizes its pros. Unlike other sports, sports and video games are always about people, but now they are anchored all over the world. [Sources: 6, 12, 13]

More people are watching eSports videos and events than ever before, so we need to look at how online platforms can make it easier to consume eSports content. The hours spent watching an eSports video increase with the number of viewers and the number of people who consume it. To reflect these spectacles and long-distance broadcasts, an infrastructure has been developed to improve the viewing experience. [Sources: 2, 8]

This is good news for existing fans of competitive games, but it could also be an opportunity for eSports to penetrate a sport - a starved audience that would normally not pay attention to online games. Perhaps one day there will be an eSports that outlives many sports, with their players and fans (the competition Counter - Strike is finally entering its 10th year and shows little sign of slowing down). It seems to be a great opportunity not only for budding eSports fans, but also for competitive players of all ages. [Sources: 1, 4, 5]

When we talked about it on Day 9, I was asked if Starcraft could ever have occasional fans - people who just hang out with their friends while Starcraft is running, have a beer, or even if it's their friend. Could an occasional Starcraft fan ever be as passionate about the game as someone who plays chess but didn't watch a single game of the World Cup last week? I came out of the tournament with a lot of questions and answers about the greatness of eSports. Fans and spectators of any sport are terrible at sport and I'm no stranger to that. [Sources: 7]

Skillz has done a great job of opening the door for players to make quick money and make a sustainable living from casual games, but how about translating these types of games into esports culture? Riot Games has shown great success in managing their games and their sports leagues. As Whinston notes, the system has worked wonders for League of Legends, which has been the most popular spot in the world for nearly a decade. Valorant is ready for sports that shrug off a corporate infrastructure that trusts existing professional players so they can refocus their careers before it even starts. [Sources: 1, 3, 10, 13]